Kickstarter has finished!

We have succeeded! After 40 days we managed to raise over £22,000 and it's all thanks to you! Our awesome Backers! 

So what happens next?

Kickstarter will charge your card

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6 Days to go. Can we reach our first Stretch Goal? Only with your help!

Hello backers! I hope that you're all doing ok, staying safe and enjoying the sunshine at the moment!

I'll jump right in...

Check out the image below:

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Earn some cash with Tipsi Tray and Kickbooster

Robert here from Single Handed. We've created a really easy way for you to earn some cold hard cash! All...

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So what happens after the campaign ends?

So what happens after the campaign ends? First of all, Robert and the Single Handed Team sits back, breathes a...

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How will Tipsi Tray make your life easier?

Single-Handed Ltd has launched its first-ever project campaign on Kickstarter. The project campaign reached its goals within 7 hours and...

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Tipsi Tray. A 21st Century Update on a Turkish Coffee Tray

If you've ever been on holiday to Turkey, you may have seen the Turkish tray in use in local coffees and restaurants. 

The Turkish coffee tray has three curved supports leading onto one handle at the top.

The Tipsi Tray is a modern update on an antiquated design. Here’s why...

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