Grip Toggle (4 Pack) - Single Handed
Grip Toggle (4 Pack)
Grip Toggle (4 Pack)
Grip Toggle (4 Pack)
Grip Toggle (4 Pack)
Grip Toggle (4 Pack)
Grip Toggle (4 Pack)
Grip Toggle (4 Pack)
Grip Toggle (4 Pack)

Grip Toggle (4 Pack, 2 Sizes)

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Grip Toggle (4 Pack) - Single Handed
Using my the ring on my finger I was able to use the sucker to do some tasks more easily and one task I hadn't been able to to do at all. I've never been able to open the dishwasher door as my fingers can't grip the handle. I also found it useful for opening a drawer more easily. Also the door was easier to open. Drawers were easily too. I could also use it to reach further on the kitchen worktop, bringing an object forward (biscuit tin).

Clare Edwards (Equip-Able)




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4 PACK - Is plenty to start you off in making life easier around the home or office and the grip toggle makes the perfect gift for a loved one. 

2 SIZES - 14 mm hole and 8mm hole. Enough to fit around everyday handheld items.

EASY TO CLEAN - Safe in dishwashers and autoclaves. Can be washed with soap and warm water too. 

EASY TO USE - Unlike cheaper silicone grips, the Grip Toggle is designed not to trap your hand uncomfortably which makes it easier to use on many items. Leaving you with a comfortable and secure grip on many household items.

SUCTION CUP - The top of the Grip toggle features a suction cup which allows the grip toggle to pull open doors, microwaves, dishwashers, open laptops and pull smooth items towards you. It also allows you to stick items to smooth surfaces.

COMFORTABLE - Stretchy silicone warms to the skin’s temperature and feels natural in the hand. The smooth texture and stretchy stalk of the Grip Toggle hold items securely in your hand without trapping your hand fully. 

This daily living aid is perfect for individuals with no grasp or limited hand control due to arthritis, hand tremors, Parkinson’s, or dexterity issues.

Not only are Grip Toggle adaptive aids useful to those people with physical limits and disabilities, but they may also be beneficial for people with other needs, such as those recovering from accidents, the elderly, and children.

Encourage self-sufficiency and autonomy in the individual and those around them.

Help manage potential risks in and around the home

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How many Grip Toggles come in each pack?

Each pack contains 4 grip toggles. 2 of each size. With a hole diameter of 14mm and 8mm. The smaller size grip toggle is suitable for pens, paint brushes, toothbrushes and other smaller diameter items. The larger diameter size is suitable for electric toothbrushes, cooking utensils, larger paint brushes, hair brushes, Daily Living Mobility Aids 

What material is the Grip Toggle made from?

Made of soft stretchy silicone that securely grips against the skin and does not need to be tight on the hand or limb to support the object, feel its weight, vibration, temperature and texture. The silicone warms to the skins’ temperature quickly too. The subtle colours make finding the grip toggle easy to identify among common household objects. Perfect for travel or taking to restaurants, bars and cafes.The Grip toggle silicones' tactile properties prevent slipping even when wet or hot. Commercial-grade, durable design is home dishwasher safe. BPA and Latex Free.

How does this differ to a strap assistive aid?

Unlike a strap cuff style of assistive aid the grip toggle does not trap the hand and allows those with limb or finger difference to quickly and easily pick up items and secure the grip toggle on to their fingers. Plus per item, the grip toggle is much more affordable and versatile in its use. When in place the grip toggle pulls items into the hand securely but does allow some rotational movement, useful for utensils, hairbrushes and other household items which are best held at a slight angle to the hand. 

What is the suction cup part for?

The suction cup part is useful for sticking the grip toggle to items such as fridges, or other smooth surfaces like work surfaces, mirrors and windows, The suction can be used to aid opening doors, cabinets, fridges, freezers, washing machines, dish washers and many other items around the home. For those with limb difference, hand weakness issues, the Grip toggle can be a real lifeline. 

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