Top 10 Serving Trays and Why Tipsi Tray is better

Serving trays are without a doubt one of the handiest serve ware tools you can have in your kitchen. Serving trays are ideal transporting for sharing food and drinks.

There is a wide assortment of options accessible on the market. Trays vary in size, weight and material, each having their best use and setting. Typical materials include:

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Its Tipsi Tray not Tipsy Tray

Now there are some fancy shmansy ‘Tipsy Trays’ out there and if youve got £850 kicking about, your welcome to them, but thats not us! We are launching the Tipsi Tray! Tipsi Tray with an ‘i’ not a ‘y’, not Tipsy Tray but Tipsi Tray! Glad that’s out of the way.
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