More Skill Testing with the Tipsi Tray

We have advanced from beginner to expert!  Check out a couple of videos below showing off with the Tipsi Tray, more coming soon...

Expert Level II:

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Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets Launched on Kickstarter

We all know Kickstarter is home to some of the most innovative, stylish and well, super cool gadgets. And as Kickstarter continues to grow in popularity with entrepreneurs looking to catch their break, we’re seeing more and more new products on the platform.

So, we thought now would be a great time to give you the lowdown on our Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets launched on Kickstarter.

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Tipsi Tray Competition Time

Here at Single Handed we don’t just sit around waiting for problems to solve and ways to make life easier. We are always working on new solutions all the time.
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Testing Skill with the Tipsi Tray

So we wanted to show off a little skill on the Tipsi Tray. Of course the average user will only ever use the Tipsi Tray by their side in a sensible manner. But we wanted to have a little fun. Check out a couple of videos below showing off with the Tipsi Tray, more coming soon...

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The Origins of the Turkish Tepsi Tray

Most popular during the Ottoman empire in Turkey, the traditional Turkish serving tray can be described as an innovative product ahead of its time. 

So, what is the Turkish tea tray?

These serving trays are traditional to the Turkish culture and most often associated with serving mainly tea and coffee however, they are also widely used to serve food.

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Top 10 Serving Trays and Why Tipsi Tray is better

Serving trays are without a doubt one of the handiest serveware tools you can have in your kitchen. Serving trays are ideal transporting for sharing food and drinks.

There is a wide assortment of options accessible on the market. Trays vary in size, weight and material, each having their best use and setting. Typical materials include:

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