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Single-Handed Ltd has launched its first-ever project campaign on Kickstarter. The project campaign reached its goals within 7 hours and still flying high. 

Robert Simpson the founder designed the single hand use trays to make life easier for able-bodied and less abled people alike. The unique design allows easier use for those with balance, shaking, or disabilities which make carrying a traditional tray more difficult, dangerous, or even impossible in some cases. 

Single Handed's mission is to make the world an easier, safer, and better place to live for everyone.

We wanted to find out a little more from the backers on how the Tipsi Tray will make your life (or someone you know) a little easier. Here are the responses... and we couldn't be happier that we are going to help so many people in so many different ways!


I bought into the Tipsy Tray as my Dad has recently suffered a minor stroke and has a slight weakness on his left side. I thought that the tray could bring a form of normalness into his life.

Thanks for asking, and good luck


“ Nick”

Hi Robert and the single handed team!

The office will love the tray I’ve ordered as we do tea, coffee, and water rounds and it’s impossible getting it all on a tray and balancing it to open a pull door! Though it will be a shame not having it wait for a handsome man to come to open the door for me. Whoever designed the doors with a pull door out of the kitchen should be sacked :)  Our other offices in the same building will be very jealous.

Good luck with the project!



My husband has MND it would make things easier for him to carry items from one room to another.-


This would be invaluable to a family member who has a neurological condition which means her hands shake really badly and she has difficulties carrying things herself. This would allow her to be able to carry things from room to room without having to worry about spilling them. -  


The Tipsi Tray isn't actually for me, it's for my parents, particularly my dad, he struggles with weakness and shaking in his right hand and has had joint replacements meaning when he makes drinks for family or visitors he can barely manage to carry two cups at a time. In addition to this, recently they have had to install a safety gate at the kitchen door to stop their elderly Dalmatian from slipping and falling on the hard floor. This tray will most definitely make life easier for them, it means they no longer have to make multiple trips back and forth to the kitchen and they can carry the drinks AND open the safety gate in one go! 

Thanks for a great product, I can't wait to gift it to my parents 😁


It'll make life a lot easier carrying afternoon tea out to the garden xx


Hi Robert

I would love to win one of your trays! My son has a disability that limits his mobility and being able to carry multiple items and keep one hand free for balance would be amazing.


This would be invaluable to a family member who has a neurological condition which means her hands shake really badly and she has difficulties carrying things herself. This would allow her to be able to carry things from room to room without having to worry about spilling them.


If I won one I'd give to my parents who are in their mid-80s, one has had 2 strokes and the other is poorly with heart disease,  diabetes, and chronic arthritis. Neither are safe to be carrying hot drinks on trays. This would be a godsend.


The tipsy tray is such a good idea. I’d love one myself as I am officially the most clumsy person I know, but even more, I think it would be perfect for my mum, who is 89 now. She lost my dad a couple of years ago, lives alone, and looks after her self amazingly. But .... the tipsy tray would make her life so much easier. Imagine being able to carry your tea through from the kitchen without danger of spilling it, or worse, dropping it.  How good is that.  Keep up the good work. 


I'm looking forward to my delivery!

I serve my mum andn dad (both disabled) their meals on trays.  Carrying one in each hand will be cool!!I'm also a fibro and arthritis sufferer. So having this balance will make my life easier as well!



Hi Robert,

I’m intending to use my Tipsi to flawlessly transport Mojitos to enjoy at the bottom of the garden. Don’t want any to go to waste! Regards,


During a lockdown, my husband is working in the attic room. By the time I’ve carried 2 mugs of coffee up 2 flights of stairs, it has slopped over me and the stairs. The Tipsi tray means we will be able to enjoy a full mug of coffee on our coffee breaks.


My parents are 71 and 90 years of age, they live independently and are both as healthy as they could be. I would love them to keep their independence for as long as possible.


Well as I am now in my 70's and worry about carrying things up and downstairs as I need to hold the bannisters I can see this could be a great help. Also when carrying drinks to and fro not having to worry about the dogs tripping me up and spilling them would be great.


I have been looking for something like this for ages. I have neurological damage to my right shoulder and life could be so much better with a Tipsi tray in it. Kind regards.


One of the trays would help in our household as we carry lots of things around the house whilst looking after my disabled 83 years old mother so any one of the family could get food and drinks to her.


As someone who has recently started to tremble more than usual, a tray like this would give me the independence I so crave and am sadly losing. No longer having to ask or wait another's convenience. Such a small thing that could make such a huge difference to so many not only in the home but to businesses too.

Thanks for the opportunity to win a 'Tipsy'

Kind regards,


I am handicapped and, most of the time, I need one hand to support me when I walk. That limits what I can carry. Also, I am not always steady so sometimes I tip things I carry. Tipsi Tray will be a great help! I will be able to carry several things without needing to put them in a bag. It will also let me carry things which I may have difficulty grasping. Tipsi Tray will help me be more independent! And, that is a big deal!!! I cannot wait!!


As a disabled person who finds it difficult to walk this would be a lifesaver in many ways. I'll be able to make myself a brew and sandwich and being able to eat in the dining room rather than the kitchen. So one of these would be marvelous. Thanks and fingers crossed


Hiya Robert & the single handed team

I'm really looking forward to my tipsi tray....

It will stop me tipsi-ing my drinks trying to duck, twist & step down out of the campervan without a hand to hold on. Yours excitedly!



I have MS and it is difficult to carry things with my left hand like coffee or food without spilling. My 86 85yr old mom who has severe scoliosis and degenerative disease has trouble carrying things when She has to use her walker. This product seems like a good solution especially when we have to manage the stairs..

I wish there was a way to test your product. We are both on disability.

Our combined monthly check just cover the mortgage and utilities. We have food, which we ration. It comes from town pantry every 2 weeks. We are blessed. 

May your team and all your families  be safe healthy and happy. Please continue your good work.


I suffer from chronic migraines and get dizzy during attacks. I also loose manual dexterity and sometimes feeling in my hands. To cut a long story short it's difficult to carry things during an attack so I backed this to help.


Hi, I am disabled and use either crutches or an electric wheelchair to get around, the Tipsi Tray would mean that I would be able to carry my own lunch and drink into the lounge or garden with ease knowing I wouldn’t spill anything like has happened in the past with everyday trays. I have to get a carer to carry it for me at the moment but with a Tipsi Tray I could be independent which would be fantastic. As I survive on benefits I am unable to afford to purchase one even with the amazing discounts offered in the Kickstarter campaign, realistically my only chance to own one is to win one. Thanks for the opportunity.

Very Best Regards .


This tray will help my elderly parents tremendously! They have become unsteady on their feet and need to use a hand on furniture etc to support when moving around - now they'll be able to carry things around on the Tipsi Tray and keep themselves safe at the same time!


I would use to serve drinks at a cookout as going from inside to out side while in a hurry can be hazardous.  

It’s just easier to use one hand on a handle than balancing a tray on ones flat open hand. 

Your not as like to be blindsided and spill whatever is on the tray. 


Hi Robert and Co,

I’ve purchased my first Tipsy Tray to use at my business Tiny Homes Holidays.

I think it will be brilliant to use in our eco cabins. Carrying a breakfast cuppa up a ladder, breakfast on the deck and also for our guests that’s stay in Tiny Home Eilidh where we have some features to aid accessibility. I can’t wait to try it out!

We are only over the water from you on the Isle of Wight 



Love this brilliant new design that's really going to help people and give them an easier life in so many different environments. I live in a old house/former shop with very narrow doorways that are difficult to get an ordinary tray through safely so this would be a boon. Juggling a tray is certainly not something we should be doing as we get older either!

I can see it being used on trains and planes where there is limited space.

Thank you, and I wish you every success.



I think this tray is a fantastic idea, it would make my life so much easier if I had one because I am disabled and unable to walk unaided so can't carry things from room to room e.g dinner plate.

Having one of these would make that possible.


I am disabled and find it difficult to carry any drinks without spilling so this will immensely useful and something I have been waiting for for years-


The Tipsi Tray would help make my life easier because I have permanent nerve damage in my neck, which caused pain in my arms, hands and chest 24/7. I have trouble balancing cups when I carry them and also my hands jerk intermittently, leaving me with many a broken cup and covered in tea!  I also have disc problems in my lower back, making it painful to walk...the Tipsi Tray would mean I only have to make one trip when I make a drink for me and my mum

Thank you 


This tray would help my young daughter as she is learning to be a little more independant - she loves to cook and is always super proud of whatever she makes (my help when needed obvs!) but i always have to carry it to the table to serve. I know she would beam a huge smile to be able to carry things in safely on her own!

Hope the kickstarter goes amazingly well for you, i had planned to back you but have been unable to since Lockdown i'm afraid. one day!


This is an amazing product, excellent for those of us with wobbly hands but also I have family (and friends) with m.s. who can be quite unsteady on their feet but who have families to care for and this will help them retain an extra thing they can still do ie bring their wife (husband) and kids drinks or snacks. I don't think this can be underestimated.


It would be great for me, I’m 75 years old and my hands or me are not as stable as is used to be, and your tray will be exceptionally helpful to serve my family and friends. Besides that is very pretty very special Thank you for the opportunity to participate Blessings 



This tray is going to make my parents lives so much more independent.

Mum has Parkinson’s and is registered blind from macular degeneration and dad has had a mild stroke - so both have some mobility issues and carrying their much loved brews is going to be so much easier .

As a chartered physiotherapist, I’m really looking forward to seeing the tray in action - I know so many people who potentially could benefit from using one of these and maintaining their independence.

Thank you for fetching your design to fruition- good luck with the future 



I have a neurological problem which is slowly getting worse - it effects my hands, and arms (mainly hands), which means I easily drop things and can not hot plates / drinks as normal. If this tray works it would be a god send.



I was looking  at a tipsi  tray for my dad who had had a severe stroke. And just thinking how much more independence he could have by having one. If he currently makes a cuppa or a sandwich he has to stay in the kitchen where as with a tipsi tray he would be able to go onto the garden and enjoy the sunshine and watch his birds that  he enjoys doing. He only has 32% of a brain so a tipsi tray would make life so much easier for him not having to worry about things like burning himself spilling half his  drink or dropping his sandwich 

Good luck to everyone 


Shared n given great review for your ace product. It would be lovely to win this for my mum n disabled dad as they both have hand tremors. Bringing hot drinks in is a great battle. Fingers crossed. Thanks 

The Single Handed Team behind the Tipsi Tray are so pleased to know that the Tipsi Tray will be helping so many people. Keep your eyes out on the Kickstarter as we will have some more updates and an additional competition coming your way! Winners from the 3 free Tipsi Trays will be announced on Friday!
'Check out the Tipsi Tray here'

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