Tipsi Tray. A 21st Century Update on a Turkish Coffee Tray - Single Handed

If you've ever been on holiday to Turkey, you may have seen the Turkish tray in use in local coffee shops and restaurants. 

The Turkish coffee tray has three curved supports leading onto one handle at the top.

The Tipsi Tray is a modern update on an antiquated design. Here’s why...

Collapsible Design

Unlike the Turkish tray, the Tipsi Tray has a removable handle which is a more practical design, making for ease of use and storage.


The 304 stainless steel is completely dishwasher safe and highly durable, fitting perfectly in your household environment. Just remove the handle and the Tipsi Tray fits in. 

Single Handle

Accessing items on the Tipsi Tray is easier with almost a full 360 degree access in comparison to the Turkish tray, where three supports just get in the way. No more careful maneuvers to serve your drinks, hands won’t get in the way on the Tipsi Tray.

Better Aesthetic Design

Where a Turkish tray is delicately designed and more traditional looking, perfectly suited to a Turkish coffee shop, the Tipsi Tray brings an old concept into the 21st Century. The stainless steel is a stylish design to fit any aesthetic, whether serving at home to family or friends or for use in bars and restaurants. 

Strength and Durability

The strong stainless steel allows for multiple drinks and heavier items to be carried safely, all with a single hand. 

Larger and Smaller Versions Available

Single Handed are working on the release of smaller and larger versions of the Tipsi Tray should we hit our stretch goals on kickstarter. This will allow the user to carry plates of food as well as drinks. 

Affordable and Readily Available

Apart from the Tipsi Tray being the better all-round candidate for transporting your teas and coffees, it is much more affordable and readily available than the Turkish tray. Available on Kickstarter now, support the campaign and grab your very own Tipsi Tray at a quarter of the price of its Turkish counterpart.

'Check out the Tipsi Tray here'

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