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So what happens after the campaign ends?

First of all, Robert and the Single Handed Team sits back, breathes a sign of relief and cracks open a fresh beer handily served on the Tipsi Tray of course.

What next?

A few weeks after the campaign we will send you a link to Crowdox. This is the website where backers (you) will pay for shipping, finalise your shipping address and add any extras you would like to your order. We’ve got additional Trays, additional Tipsi Trays at the (Super Early Bird Price, with no additional shipping) and some Single Handed Bar Blades to help make life even easier. That is our ultimate aim after all!

At this stage we will begin our production run having been paid by They only release funds a few week after the campaign ends. This is the next exciting stage in the journey - production begins! All of our hard work to get the Tipsi Tray off the ground is paid off when we final begin creating physical products. Exciting, exciting times.

We will continue to keep you updated on progress and our expected shipping times. If there any delays, issues, Covid-19 updates, anything at all keep an eye on your emails and kickstarter updates.

For now you can head over to the Tipsi Tray Owners Club on facebook and meet fellow backers :) Have a great week!

'Check out the Tipsi Tray here'

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