• 🌿 Sustainable and durable
  • ☕ Non-slip grip
  • 🧽 Easy to clean and store
  • 🏠 Ideal for the catering industry and at home
  • ✅ Compatible with Tipsi Tray
Single Handed Serving Tray

A spare tray for your Tipsi Tray.

SIZE VARIATIONS | A choice of sizes to fit your needs.

  • 11 inch - can carry up to 4 drinks or one plate of food
  • 14 inch - can carry up to 9 drinks 
  • 14 x 11 inch rectangular - can carry up to 9 drinks

Compatible with their respective sized Tipsi Tray™.

SUSTAINABLE and DURABLE | The tray is dishwasher safe and designed to last. The durable design of the tray makes it reusable. Polypropylene being the most suitable material for the tray, this super plastic ensures this product will stand the test of time, suitable for continuous use either at home or in a commercial setting.

NON-SLIP GRIP | With a rubberised anti-skid and non-slip surface, minimise the chance of accidents when serving food and drinks. The sloped edges of the grippy tray will prevent spillage.

EASY TO CLEAN and STORE | The tray is easy to clean and saves time and energy in cleaning costs. It is a stackable product, space saving and making it easy to store.

IDEAL FOR CATERING INDUSTRY | Perfect for use within bars, pubs, restaurants, catering outlets and households. The ideal product to use for waiting staff providing service to their customers.

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