Topple Tray Self Balancing Serving Tray - Single Handed
Topple Tray Self Balancing Serving Tray
Topple Tray Self Balancing Serving Tray
Topple Tray Self Balancing Serving Tray
Topple Tray Self Balancing Serving Tray - Single Handed
Topple Tray Self Balancing Serving Tray
Topple Tray Self Balancing Serving Tray
Topple Tray Self Balancing Serving Tray
Topple Tray Self Balancing Serving Tray
Topple Tray Self Balancing Serving Tray

Topple Tray Single Handed Serving Tray

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Topple Tray Self Balancing Serving Tray - Single Handed

The Topple Tray made caring for my father much easier and safer than before

Wendy N.


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  • Carry with a Single Hand

    Easier and Safer

  • Non-Spill Edges

    Stay Safe and Dry

  • Dishwasher Safe

    Easy Clean

  • Intuitive

    Pick up and Away you Go

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👋 SINGLE HANDED USE | New and Improved design based on the original Tipsi Tray by single handed products. Carry drinks with a single hand using the magic of physics! Carrying drinks has never been easier and safer. Keep a spare hand free to hold a bannister on stairs, open doors or use a walking cane. 

⚫ REMOVABLE NEOPRENE GRIPPY SURFACE | Simply lift off the grippy rubber surface for a metallic tray beneath depending on your style or use. Machine wash or wipe down both surfaces

⚖️ GRAVITY BALANCE DESIGN | An overhauled design of the traditional Turkish tea tray, the Topple Tray is held from above allowing drinks and food to swing beneath. The swinging motion of the tray counteracts the sloshing or movement of items on the tray keeping them completely balanced. Super intuitive with no practice needed. 

📐 FOLDING AND LOCKING HANDLE | The new stainless steel handle folds down on top of the tray and locks in an upright position simply by sliding the tube down into place. When folded the Topple Tray is thin and easy to store and when the handle is upright, is strong and secure.

🦾 LIGHT WEIGHT | Weighing in at 750 grams (26 ounces) 55% lighter than the original Tipsi tray, the Topple Tray is easier to carry and more functional with a comfortable stainless steel handle.

 💦 NON SPILL EDGES AND GRIPPED SURFACE | Unlike cheap, smooth plastic trays the Topple Tray is made from stainless steel with a rubberised coating meaning that items will not slip even while in motion. You can concentrate on where you are walking, holding a bannister and see your feet on uneven ground. 

Eco-friendly Packaging

All orders are shipped in 100% plastic-free packaging. We try our best to reduce plastic where possible and opt for tissue paper where possible. Consider reusing this as wrapping paper. Our cardboard packaging is fully recyclable. 

Recyclable Product

The Topple Tray is designed to last a lifetime but should it need to be disposed off the 100% stainless steel is fully recyclable. 


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Topple Tray vs Regular Tray

Topple Tray

Regular Tray

One Handed Use

Safe Around the Home

Stainless Steel Design

Carries Food and Drink

Removable Neoprene Cover

Use Easily on Stairs and Opening Doors

Made to Last a Lifetime

Premium Quality

Made to last a lifetime. Contemporary and beautiful. 

We know you'll love it

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What materials are the Topple Tray made out of?

The Topple Tray isn made from Stainless Steel. Recycled and Recyclable. But made to last, so hopefully they will never reach that recyclable stage! Hardwearing and durable, designed to last a long time, its non slip surface is again designed to save spilled drinks, broken glass and use of additional resources. Our packaging is made of 100% recycled and 100% recyclable cardboard.

Can I put the Topple Tray in a dishwasher?

Absolutely, the Topple Tray is dishwasher safe. We recommend that the tray itself is wiped clean to dry to give it a longer life. The neoprene cover can be washed in a washing machine or in a dishwasher. Save energy, save the planet.

Can I cancel my order if I change my mind?

We accept all cancellation requests prior to shipping. Please notify us as soon as you can if you decide to change your mind. 

How do I track my order?

Once despatched, you will receive a tracking code via email.

How does the Topple Tray actually work?

The actual science behind the Topple Tray is pretty simple. It works on the same principle as swinging a bucket of water over your head. Never done that? Head outside and have a go. Great, youre back. If you span it fast enough you shouldn’t have gotten wet. Centripetal force keeps the water in the bottom of the bucket, even when apparently upside down. In a similar way the handle of the Tipsi Tray sits above the centre point of the tray. It’s kind of like a bucket without the sides, plus a nicer looking handle of course. As such the best way to carry the Topple Tray with drinks on is to keep a loose hand, allowing the Tray to swing. Slow acceleration and deceleration are best to keep drinks pinned down. Jerking movements or a tight grip will lead to spilt drinks, tears, arguments. The Topple Tray takes a little practice to master but once you understand the principle of its use, you’ll save a ton of time and energy.

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