What is crowdox? - Single Handed
Crowd Ox is pledge management software that allows project creators (Single Handed/us guys) to send surveys to backers (you awesome people) to collect accurate information and verify orders. It’s a little bit more sophisticated than Kickstater’s built in software and makes life easier for the backers.
It also allows us to offer some other great products to you after the campaign. We should have additional trays, some bar blades, extra handles, all that kinda stuff available to add to your Tipsi Tray order, as well as paying shipping based on your geographical location.
This was covered in the campaign, the reason that we charge shipping afterwards is to save us and you money. Kickstarter takes around 10% of the total funds raised as their fee, which would include shipping costs, so it’s cheaper for everyone for us to charge shipping afterwards. Plus based on quantity we can negotiate cheaper shipping with our couriers. So shipping is done through Crowdox, who again make it really straight forwards and easy.
Crowdox software turns your answers and info in to an easy to use format, reducing errors in shipping, pledge levels and all of the other complications when it comes to shipping worldwide!
So that’s a little bit about what will be happening after the campaign.
Here are some new and unexpected uses of the Tipsi Tray based on feedback from the fantastic backers (you).
The office coffee run (through 5 keypad entry doors).
Carrying cups of tea up a ladder onto scaffolding.
For use on a sailing yacht.
Thanks everyone and if you do want to share the Kickstarter head to these links:
'Check out the Tipsi Tray here'

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