Topple Tray. Revolutionary Single Handed Serving Tray

Introducing the Topple Tray

Single Handed Use. New and Improved design based on the original Tipsi Tray by single handed products. Carry drinks with a single hand using the magic of physics! Carrying drinks has never been easier and safer. Keep a spare hand free to hold a bannister on stairs, open doors or use a walking cane. 

Topple Tray Single Handed Serving Tray

Removable Neoprene Grippy Surface. Simply lift off the grippy rubber surface for a metallic tray beneath depending on your style or use. 


Topple Tray Single Handed Serving Tray

Gravity Balance Design. An overhauled design of the traditional Turkish tea tray, the Topple Tray is held from above allowing drinks and food to swing beneath. The swinging motion of the tray counteracts the sloshing or movement of items on the tray keeping them completely balanced. Super intuitive with no practice needed. 

Folding and Locking Handle. The new stainless steel handle folds down on top of the tray and locks in an upright position simply by sliding the tube down into place. When folded the Topple Tray is thin and easy to store and when the handle is upright, is strong and secure.

Topple Tray Single Handed Serving Tray

Light Weight. Weighing in at 750 grams (26 ounces) 55% lighter than the original Tipsi tray, the Topple Tray is easier to carry and more functional with a comfortable stainless steel handle.

Topple Tray Single Handed Serving Tray

Non-Spill Edges and Gripped Surface. Unlike cheap, smooth plastic trays the Topple Tray is made from stainless steel with a rubberised coating meaning that items will not slip even while in motion. You can concentrate on where you are walking, holding a bannister and see your feet on uneven ground. 

Topple Tray Single Handed Serving Tray


The Topple Tray is an updated design based on the original Tipsi Tray as seen on Dragons Den. We’ve overhauled the design and added some key features. The removable handle is now foldable and locks in place simply by sliding the locking tube over the elbow joint. Easier to use, faster to put in place and overall a better design. Use with one hand to carry drinks, food or anything at all while keeping your balance, holding a bannister, opening a door or carrying other items. It has changed so many peoples lives and really is a thing of simplistic beauty.

We opted for a full stainless steel metal tray to reduce our use of plastic and also create a contemporary feel paired with the stainless steel handle. A neoprene cover sits inside the tray with rubber grip to prevent sliding. This can be removed and stored away or kept on the tray for better grip and control. 

The simple handle allows you, the carrier to hold the Topple Tray securely and manipulate the movement in your hand easily. We opted for no additional rubber or plastic grip here to keep the topple tray 100% plastic free in design. 

Topple Tray Single Handed Serving Tray 

We are currently accepting pre-orders. Check it our here: Topple Tray

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