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Here at Single Handed we are serious about sustainability. Our products are made with high quality materials to stand the test of time in an effort to reduce the amount of cheap plastic being left in our Oceans. 

With this in mind, this week we decided to help you guys out and share our Top 10 Sustainable Drinking Mugs. Buckle up!

10) KeepCup Original

KeepCup Single Handed Products

The KeepCup came from an Aussie Brand in an effort to join style and sustainability. Not only does the KeepCup come in a variety of trendy colours, it’s made from non-toxic BPA-free plastic. This makes the KeepCup super lightweight and recyclable. The perfect combination for the environmentally conscious buyer. There are also a range of sizes to choose from making it the perfect choice for any occasion. 

Price: From £10

Available here: 

9) Ecoffee Cup

Ecoffee Cup Single Handed Products

The Ecoffee Cup was established when the founders saw an unfathomable amount of single use plastic coffee cups ending up in landfill. Just to give you an idea, the number of cups ending up in the landfills over just 3 decades is 13 digits long (yikes!)

Luckily, the Ecoffee Cup is one step closer to solving that problem. It’s made with natural fibre, cornstarch and resin, it’s BPA, BPS and phthalate-free (if you aren’t familiar with those materials, it basically means it’s better for the environment!) Not only does it tackle these problems, it also comes with a matte food-grade silicone latex free lid which means it’s great for hot liquids which is a great feature this time of year. 

Price: From £7.95

Available here

8) Yeti Rambler Mug


Yeti Rambler Single Handed


Coming in at the more expensive end of the scale, the Yeti Rambler is loaded with top-to-bottom insulation to keep your drink piping hot. There are also some added features which we love, including the handle to mimic a mug from home, and also the small built in grooves on the bottom that make it stack perfectly on top of another Yeti Mug. With a bright array of colours to choose from, you can’t really go wrong! 

Available here: 

Price: From £24.99

7) Chilly’s Coffee Cup 


Chilly's Coffee Cup Single Handed


Coming in at number 7, the Chilly’s Coffee Cup is the perfect combination of style and sustainability. Their distinctive logo pinned against the colour / pattern of your choice makes for a modern stylish product designed to combine the convenience of a plastic water bottle, with the high performance technology and eco-friendly benefits of a traditional flask. This Cup will go down well with the fashionista of the family as Chilly’s have designed an extensive range of patterns, colours and chromes to choose from. They have also extended their range to offer sustainable accessories such as reusable bags and beeswax wraps so there really is something for everyone!

Available here:

Price: From £20

6) JOCO Cup

JOCO Coffee Cup Single Handed

Looking for a sustainable mug with a bit of class? The JOCO cup is your answer. Made from non-porous lightweight glass and made in 6oz, 12oz and 16oz sizes, the JOCO cup is perfect for any brew. The cyclonic shape is also said to better distribute sugars and sweeteners, to prevent sugary gloop from accumulating at the bottom, so sweet coffee lovers you’re in luck! These features do come at a bit of a cost, making the JOCO Cup one of the most expensive in our list, however we like to look at it as more of a long term investment (you can use that excuse if you need to!)

Available here:

Price: From £17

5) rCup

rCup Single Handed


Welcome, the world’s first reusable travel cup made from recycled single use plastic cups. A cup that’s made from waste that helps recycle waste and reduces waste; we like the sound of that. 

Another feature to get you onboard is the leak-proof BPA free vessel that has a push-close seal for drip-free easy sipping. The 10 year lifespan of this cup means you will definitely get your wear and tear out of this product. 

It’s the perfect cup for those that want to do better, whilst not breaking the bank. 

Available here:

Price: From £11

4) TOPL Cup

TOPL Cup Single Handed


You know here at Single Handed we love preventing spillages, so a cup that does the same thing?! Genius. 

The TOPL Cup features “Spill-Safe technology” that successfully prevents you losing any of your precious coffee should you accidentally knock it over. If your coffee takes a tumble with the lid unlocked (it happens to the best of us), a safety valve will shut quickly, ensuring your beverage remains inside the TOPL Cup walls. When locked, the lid will remain sealed which means tipping it upside down and shaking it will do no harm. In other words, it’s handbag friendly!

Available here:

Price: From £23

3) Huski Home Travel Cup

HUSKI Coffee Cup Single Handed

A coffee cup, made from coffee. Yes you heard correctly! The Huski Home Travel Cup is made with real coffee husks. Coffee husks, also known as coffee chaff - is the green external casing of the coffee bean. Most often, this stuff is removed from coffee production and creates mass quantities of natural pollution. So, Huksi Home recycles the coffee husks, to create a durable, environmentally friendly travel cup that can last a lifetime. The Huski Cup comes in several different colours and at a reasonable price point making it the perfect all-rounder. 

Available here:

Price: From £9.99

2) WAKE Cup

WAKE Coffee Cup Single Handed


The WAKE Cup is arguably one of the most durable cups you could get your hands on. Made from Bamboo, this coffee cup has an insulated interior which will keep your coffee hot whilst still looking cool. But, what we love most about this product is that you can personalise it by adding engraved phrases or names for an extra £5. If that wasn’t enough, the cup also comes with a Zero Waste Starter Kit. Oooo we love a freebie! 

Available here:

Price: From £20

  1. STOJO Biggie Collapsible Mug


STOJO Cup Single Handed Products


And we have a winner! Coming in top is the STOJO Biggie Collapsible Mug. There are plenty of reasons why we love this mug, from the LFGB certified silicone material to the microwave & dishwasher friendly feature, it really is a well considered mug. The integrated straw makes it extremely versatile with both adults and kids. Possibly our favourite feature of the mug is that it is, you guessed it, collapsible. Once you’ve finished your brew, you can collapse the mug into a small leak proof disk small enough to pop in your pocket or handbag without taking up valuable space. The STOJO Mug also comes in a variety of sizes so you can match it to your preferences.  

Available here:

Price: From £9.99

As promised, there is our low down on our Top 10 Sustainable Mugs. So, whether you’re a beginner looking to get your hands green, or you’re already a eco friendly master, we hope this blog will help you do your bit. 

Need something to help you carry all those mugs around? You can check out our sustainable Tipsi Tray here

Have a great week everyone! 

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