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We’ve spoken about Tea in the past so this week we wanted to give coffee the spotlight. Coffee used to be the regular on our commute into work every day. For some, it was the only way they could wake up in the morning, for others it was the routine that they enjoyed. Since the majority of us are working from home now, we are not getting the fix that we used to love. 


Here at Single Handed we don’t see why that fix should be neglected. We have found the 10 best organic coffees available on Amazon right now and linked them for you.

Please, enjoy a cup! 


1. Peet's Organic French Roast, Dark Roast Whole Bean Coff

This coffee is a smoky, bittersweet flavour with hints of caramel. A dark roast making is deliciously deep. Peet hand roasts its beans in small batches for its signature rich flavour. Find it here

Peets organic coffee

2. Kicking Horse Coffee, Organic Three Sisters

Fair-trade, organic beans roasted in the rocky mountains to create kick ass coffee. The Three Sisters are a trio of towering Canadian Rocky Mountains, this coffee pays homage to the powerful peaks with a triple punch of light, medium and dark roasts. Find it here

Kicking Horse Coffee, Organic Three Sisters

3. Lavazza Organic Tierra Whole Bean Coffee Blend, Light Roast

This is a family name that everyone knows and there is a reason why. It is a rich bodied Italian roast with notes of honey, malt, and chocolate that sounds utterly delightful. Find it here

Lavazza Organic Tierra Whole Bean Coffee Blend

4. One Love Marley Coffee

From the family of Bob Marley, this coffee is full of floral notes and has hints of blueberry, cocoa and spice. This well-rounded coffee tantalises the palate, leaving a profound cherry finish. Their branding is pretty cool too. Find your favourite jam here.

One Love Marley Coffee

5. Taylors of Harrogate Fairtrade Organic Fika Ground Coffee

I was first enticed by the packaging of this coffee, it looks like a great British holiday which is one of my favourite things. It’s a coffee to relax and unwind with, not one to start the day off with a buzz. Flavours of toffee and hazelnut work beautifully with this crisp roast which is individually roasted to the perfect point. The brand is a family run one with strong values of fairness, quality and creativity. Find it here.

Taylors of Harrogate Fairtrade Organic Fika Ground Coffee

6. Coffee Masters Colombian Organic Coffee Beans

These beans are roasted lightly with orange peel, dark chocolate and caramel. The premium beans are grown in the Antioquia region of Columbia on fair-trade farms and then roasted in the UK to bring you a perfect flavour. So good in fact that they won great taste award winner in 2019. Buy it here.

Coffee Masters Colombian Organic Coffee Beans

7. Clipper Organic Medium Roast Arabica Coffee 

This ones is an instant coffee which I know most people are used to having in their cupboards. Clipper is a firm favourite for a lot of people as it comes in budget but has a smooth intense flavour with no weird aftertaste. It is made with pure ingredients and nothing artificial added. It’s a simple win in my eyes, tastes great, natural and for to its workers. Get it here.

Clipper Organic Medium Roast Arabica Coffee

8. Cafédirect Fairtrade Machu Picchu Organic Whole Beans Coffee 

Cafedirect won great taste back in 4014 so we know it’s good. These beans were grown on the lush foothills of the andes and hand picked to produce a lovely full bodies flavour that you’ll come back to again and again. The perfect coffee for after dinner with notes of dark chocolate and nuts. Treat yourself here.

Cafédirect Fairtrade Machu Picchu Organic Whole Beans Coffee

9. Black Ivory Coffee

Ok I got a bit excited with this one. I had no idea you could get a coffee this expensive but I can see why. If this arrived at my door I would be very happy. Opening a box to such luxurious black packages all individually sealed with the gold sticker. Tagged as the most expensive coffee in the world, this coffee is for the adventure seekers and the foodies. It is made from Elephants refining the coffee cherries to give the beans a uniquely rich flavour. It is made to order and sent as whole beans so you get maximum freshness in your cup. Sounds pretty cool to me. If you have some spare change, get it here. 

Black Ivory Coffee

10. New Ground Coffee Gift Set

If you need a cute but different gift that someone will actually use then this is damn good. This bag contains 10 different coffees from around the world for your special person or even yourself to try. Some countries include Kenya, Brazil and Vietnam. It is all hand roasted and packaged in the UK and includes a little information booklet so you can learn about each coffee. Buy the perfect gift here.

New Ground Coffee Gift Set

So if you fancy trying something a little different whilst you’re locked inside, maybe try one of these? You may mind a new favourite and if anyone happens to buy the Black Ivory Coffee then please let us know haha!


See you next time and don’t forget you can serve your coffee on our amazing Tipsi Tray linked here.


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