Tipsi Tray Competition Time - Single Handed

Here at Single Handed we don’t just sit around waiting for problems to solve and ways to make life easier. We are always working on new solutions all the time. 


A simple way we can do this is by listing everything we touch in a day. Sounds simple right? Well the list grows pretty quickly on an average day at home. This is a great way to find all the objects people interact with on a daily basis. However, our talented designer founder Robert likely doesn’t own all of the things that you do. 


So we want your help…

For your chance to win £250 and a free (version of your designed product here) simply tell us below…


What jobs or objects around your home or workplace are difficult to interact with? What do you find difficult on a daily basis and haven't found a suitable product to solve said problem?


If we design a product and take it to market based on your ideas or feedback we will pay you £250 and you’ll receive a free product. 


Just to be clear we aren’t asking necessarily for product ideas, sketches etc leave that to us, but if you can tell us about products or issues with room for improvement we might just be able to make life a little easier for you. 


Simply reply to this blog post and we will let you know if we start working on your problem.


Good luck!

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