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So by now I am sure you will have heard of the Tipsi Tray. As seen on Dragons Den and by over 30 million viewers in Tiktok and 20 million viewers on Youtube.

It was the first in our self balancing tray range and comes in 3 sizes. It proved extremely popular and is undoubtedly the best selling self balancing serving tray on the market. 


self balancing serving tray tipsi tray food drink bar tray one handed

Since it's launch we have gone on to sell over 5000 Tipsi Trays worldwide and we are now in talks with national distributors and retailers. Much of the current sales of our single handed self balancing serving tray were through Amazon and our website. 

We gathered a ton of feedback and here at Single Handed Products we never stop designing and improving. Work began on the Topple Tray with a much improved design. The Topple Tray is also a single handed self balancing serving tray but with a few key differences. 

1. The Topple Tray measures 12inches across and so is a little smaller than the standard 14 inch Tipsi Tray. Why? We found that the 14 inch Tipsi Tray was a little too large for the average home user and that the 11inch was about right. We opted for somewhere in the middle, perfect for use at home or for smaller orders in a restaurant or bar. 

self balancing serving tray tipsi tray food drink bar tray one handed

2. One of the main differences is the material choice. We opted for a stainless steel serving tray as well as stainless steel bar handle. 1/3 of the weight of the original Tipsi Tray was made up of the metal ring around the base. We wanted to reduce weight here and so with a metal ring, we could weld this to the tray itself. Therefore we didn't need a full ring and could reduce the weight by 66%. The handle now folds and cannot be removed. This way it is always attached and cannot be lost, loose or fold when unintended. A simple metal tube slides over the elbow joint to lock it in place. Simply lift to release and fold the handle. 

3. With the stainless steel tray, came a shiny smooth surface, ok for carrying drinks (see our info about the physics of the Tipsi Tray) but not perfect. A neoprene cover comes free with the Topple Tray, helping to mop up and spillages and add grip to the surface. 

What happened to the Tipsi Tray Lite?

We jumped the gun on this one and found that the design wasn't optimum. The handle was a little too flexible and the connector had the same issue as the original Tipsi Tray Self Balancing Tray. It came loose and many customers weren't able to adjust it as per the instructions. We went back to the drawing board and designed the Topple Tray. The one handed self balancing serving tray. 

topple tray single handed serving tray self balancing tray physics gravity tray spillnot one handed food drink tray stainless steel folding handle tray


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