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A Major Announcement! Our Pint is now available for purchase!

Single Handed strives to make the world a better, safer, and  more enjoyable place for everyone, and as part of our commitment to providing innovative products to our loyal customers, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new collection, The Pint Sherpa A Contactless Pint Collector!

What is Pint Sherpa?

Like all products in the Single Handed range the pint sherpa™ is designed to make life easier. Whether at use in the home, garden, cafe or pub, the pint sherpa™ allows the user to carry 2 pints with a single hand, leaving a hand free to open doors, hold a bannister or carry other items. 

The Pint Sherpa allows for contactless collection and drop-off of Nonic style pint glasses. Other pint glasses can work but please get in touch before to check which style of pint glass you intend to use.

How it works

Added to the Single Handed range as a useful tool around the home or workplace, the Pint Sherpa make collection, drop-off and carrying pints faster, safer and easier.

No more sticking your fingers in pints or carefully clasping glasses together, Pint Sherpa is here to make your life easier.

A Stainless Steel frame means that not only is the Pint Sherpa strong but also functional and designed to last a lifetime. The handle has ample room for all sizes of hand and the mouth of the pint collector can be adjusted to accommodate different styles of pint glass.

Features: pint-sherpa-beer-carrier

2 Pints in 1 Hand | Make life easier while carrying pints. 2 in one hand! Harder to spill, safer to carry and more fun at the same time.

Stainless Steel Handle | Comfortable and manoeuvrable handle to make pint service easy and fast.

Easy to slide on and off | Slide on to the bottom of the pint and lift up to secure. Fast and fun.

Mothers and Fathers Day Gift | Do mum and dad like to wow the family and have they ever spilt a drink? The Pint sherpa is the perfect for dad or mum and they can show off their beer carrier to the whole family. 

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For now, we have the 2-pint version (no pints included) which works with nonic and tulip shape glasses. If you're unsure whether the glasses you have will work just send us a message. 

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