How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea - Single Handed

From 1 Yorkshireman to the rest of the world. Here is a quick guide to make the best cup of tea. (Then serve on your Tipsi Tray of course)

Everyone has an opinion on making of a perfect cup of tea it seems, whether the debate is milk-in-first-or-after, the length of time the tea needs to brew (correct term) /mash/steep (fancy terms).

Tea comes from the plant Camellia Sinensis and depending on the post picking process, can become white, green, or black tea. The first a part of making a Yorkshire cuppa are going to be grabbing yourself a Yorkshire tea bag. For loose leaf tea, erm, I have no idea. 

The Tea Expert's Method

  • First, get the kettle on. Not much else to this step. Oh, add some water in first. 
  • Second, grab yourself a massive mug. The bigger the better. The ideal is one of those massive Sports Direct mugs which everyone seems to have but no-one remembers buying. Drop in the Yorkshire tea bag, no other brand will suffice. 

Here is a handy infographic:

  • When your kettle has boiled pour it in to the mug of choice and make sure the tea bag is submerged. Now starts the brew phase.
  • Brewing. 3-5 minutes. Get a spoon and squeeze the life out of that bag. An old boss of mine didn't like his tea bag squeezing claiming it changed the flavour, but I put that down to fussiness rather than actual science and reasoning. Correct me if I'm wrong? This speeds up the brewing process as we don't have all day do we. Leave the tea to brew and dont even think about touching the milk. 

Milk first or last is an age-old question. Originally milk first was to avoid cracking delicate china cups with hot tea but adding milk after may be a great way to gauge the strength of the tea. However, it is each to their own.

  • Spoon out the tea bag and leave on the side of the sink, never the bin. No-one knows why this is done.
  • If you take sugar, this is when to add it. Stir thoroughly to avoid a final sugary sip at the bottom of your tea.
  • Now is time for the milk. Very little milk is commonly known as a builders tea, strong and dark. Lots of milk is just a milky tea.
  • Arm yourself with the biscuits of choice for dunking. 
  • Drink, dunk and enjoy.   


how to make a cup of tea


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