Double Handle Mug Now Available - Single Handed


Introducing the Double Handle Mug (2 Pack)

 Our two handled mugs are a great solution for anyone with a weak grip, reduced mobility or visual impairment, or those living with dementia, Alzheimer's, arthritis, stroke, cerebral palsy or essential tremors, who find holding, passing and drinking from a single handle mug more difficult.

double handle mug double hand mug 2 handles ceramic dementia mug


✅ Sold in a 2 pack.

✅ Large handles are suitable for small and large hands. No burns, no spills, safer for your loved ones.

✅ Unique kiln altered glaze craft- Giving rise to a natural change in the glaze color on the surface of the double handle mug. Each ceramic coffee mug is unique due to its special reactive glaze technology. The color of each cup is formed naturally in the kiln process, giving you unique and beautiful mugs.

✅ Perfect for the elderly. A great option to help the elderly with Alzheimer’s, dementia, multiple tremor sclerosis, dysphagia, and Parkinson’s disease. Pass and hold drinks more easily with less chance of spilling, burning, or dropping.

✅ Our clay is manufactured using only the highest quality porcelain, lead-free, non toxic, chip-resistant. Sturdy and durable enough for years of use. Sturdy ceramic material, free of BPAs and latex.

✅ Premium. Our Pottery mug is handcrafted in beautiful ceramic, made of lead-free, cadmium-free, high-quality ceramic. Suitable for hot and cold drinks, Dishwasher, and microwave safe.

double handle mug double hand mug 2 handles ceramic dementia mug


What makes our double handle mug different?

We didn't want to create a 'disability product'. A grey or white design with no real thought for the dignity and pride of the user. Rather than starting with a disability product and looking to improve it we started with a beautiful ceramic mug, added a handle, increased the size, (these mugs carry 400ml and so are great for soup too) and widened the bottom for greater stability. 

To grab yourself a double handle mug with both hands, check them out here

double handle mug double hand mug 2 handles ceramic dementia mug


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