6 Days to go. Can we reach our first Stretch Goal? Only with your help! - Single Handed

Hello backers! I hope that you're all doing ok, staying safe and enjoying the sunshine at the moment!

I'll jump right in...

Check out the image below:




It's from our friends over at BiggerCake who closely monitor and predict the outcome of Kickstarter Projects. 

Their prediction for our final funding goal right now is £26,766. Which means it's just £1234 (A nice number to be fair) away from our first stretch goal! If we can reach £28,000 it means that we will be able to release the 11 inch TIpsi Tray. The current version is 14 inch. 

The Smaller Tipsi Tray will of course carry fewer drinks (up to 5) but makes a nice side table companion. Perfect for tea and biscuits, serving drinks in the garden or clearing away used plates.

If everyone who has currently backed the campaign persuaded just one friend or family member to get themselves a Tipsi Tray, make their life easier and get behind a company looking to release plenty of Single Handed life improving gadgets we would be able to smash our stretch goal. Wow that was a long sentence!

Share the link below with the and help to spread the word! Only 6 days to go!


'Check out the Tipsi Tray here'

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