Single Handed Ltd is a small and innovative home and hospitality brand. Our team is made up of skilled designers creating highest quality trays and carrying technology. Or the short less fluffy version - We make super easy to use stuff with the environment in mind. Our single hand use trays make life easier for able-bodied and less abled people alike. The unique design allows easier use for those with balance, shaking, or disabilities which make carrying a traditional tray more difficult, dangerous or even impossible in some cases. Single Handed wants to make the world an easier, safer and better place to live for everyone.

Design Ethos

Does it make life easier and does it do so in a simple and effective way. It really is that simple to describe what we do. If it isn’t immediately intuitive to use, simple and elegant to carry we go straight back to the drawing board. Making life easier can be achieved in a number of different ways and out range of trays stems from our initial idea - Hands - why use 2 where 1 will do.


More and more of us are looking to adopt a more and more environmentally friendly. Our Trays are designed to last a lifetime and dispel the throw away culture or planned obsolescence with limited use life on products. When you purchase from us, you know you’re getting something designed and made to last as long as you do and at the end of its life is widely recyclable. (Or at the start of its life, comes from recycled materials and fully recycled and recyclable minimalist packaging). Cheap plastic products are causing a massive environmental problem, polluting our Oceans and killing our sea life. Items of value made from durable materials are much less likely to fall trap to this same fate. If an item is cherished, then hopefully it will be kept until either it is lost, or past on to someone else. High quality materials that stand the test of time, and functionality that works so well, is simply a pleasure to use. A design should use less material and energy for the most useful intended result. No amount of recycling will equal less in the first place.

Kickstarter Launch

The only place to launch product these days is on Kickstarter and thats exactly what we did. The Tipsi Tray raised over £25,000 to go in to production and allow the Single Handed team to grow. 1 year on and we have 3 Tipsi Tray versions and some very exciting products planned for 2021.