1% for the Planet Single Handed

Here at Single Handed we are committed to trying to help the planet in any way we can. We started this company with the aim of bringing you genuinely helpful products that can make life easier, such as the Tipsi Tray. 

Another factor that was important to us was sustainability. Our Tipsi Tray is made from stainless steel so it lasts a lifetime and can be reused over and over again. The packaging is recyclable with no unnecessary plastic. This wasn’t enough for us, so we found 1% for the Planet.

1% for the planet Single Handed

1% for the Planet believes that companies should put back into the earth what the companies take out and protect the resources they use safeguarding them for the future. They put companies and people together with high-impact non-profit partners so that their 1% can go directly to environmental causes that they care about and that suit their brand. 

Let me explain how it works. Businesses donate 1% of their income which 1% for the planet then directs to in demand non-profit organisations who help support the planet through a number of sustainably minded programmes and campaigns. Now that is something we can totally get behind. 

That is why we have signed up to donate 1% of our profits every year to the nonprofit organisations. Each and every one of them do something important for the planet and we take pride in the fact that we are now supporting them! 

Their members have altogether invested (so far) $250 million in environmental non-profits and we can not wait to to start adding to that!

We’ve added a link for their website just in case you want to know more or even if you want to get involved yourself and donate your 1%. Let us know if we have inspired you!


1% for the Planet Single Handed


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  • Gill Neville
    • Gill Neville

    Pleased as I am to hear your news. I would much rather be kept up to date on the progress of my shipment.- 3 trays. As now not only has Christmas been and gone but I am also going to miss out on further family events. Very disappointing. You are missing out on the news that everyone wants to hear and that suggests to me that another deadline is about to be missed


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